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A Bit About Us

J. Ventures is a management, marketing and consulting boutique that offers a discreet and unique selection of services. Our main focus is to create, develop and promote unique and diverse talents, businesses and events. J. Ventures lends its services to the Caribbean islands as well as to the North American and European markets.

Our Core Services


Our talent sector works with the best and the brightest. We provide specialized attention to each craft.  Our focus is to recognize, develop and manage eager and diverse talents.


Events require precision and we work hard to provide that for each and every client. Whether it be overall event management or marketing; our goal is to produce a seamless and exemplary event. We work to fully understand your needs and provide a remedy for every situation.


For our business segment, we provide a number of services; from social media management to business development. We assess what it is your business needs, provide a detailed proposal and work collaboratively on execution.


  • We were very satisfied with J. Ventures. Reliable and met our needs. Keep up the good work.

    Hardly Home
    Hardly Home Travel Website
  • It was great having J. Ventures on board for Urban Spring Break in 2015. They were always ready to execute the next step without any promoting from our team. On the day of the event they were there to fill all the spaces we overlooked that needed quick management.

    Urban Spring Break
    Urban Spring Break Event
  • The team at J. Ventures did an amazing job in assisting the Teff brand in expanding it's international scope to a larger network, as well as handling project oriented tasks in a timely manner with consistent communication throughout.

    Teff Hinkson
    Teff Hinkson Artist